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A.S.T. Advantage Smart Technology JAK Misgav the G.M. 972528102274 972548397346 Tel Aviv – IsraelA.S.T. Background The company was founded in the mid-1970s and dealt with important advice to industrial enterprises, government organizations, and private companies from Israel the consultation gave the company a platform to develop the requirements and the needs we encountered them information systems to help the Israeli economy JAK Misgav the G.M. established a software house for information systems organizational some parameters led him in planning and developing the systems required in Israel economy In the years 1990 until 2000 this software programs led to organizational information systems in Israel economy.A.S.T. Agenda A.S.T = Advantage Smart Technology was based on Agenda 1. Professionalism and experience in developing information Systems / Applications 2. in any language on any platform 3. Great planning software is free software BUG 4 The software development/application: product design, stitching Software needs analysis running test and PRODUCTION 5. Only with us you will receive a free debugger warranty 6 Any software for organizing, promoting humanity goes by the Professional development of personnelViewing Customers Ministry of Defense – managing and supervising the production of submarines from Germany in the nineties. Israel-train preventive maintenance management. Zim integrated shipping services-managing and controlling all ships in the fleet beyond the 2000 BUGS. Sonol fuel maintenance and management. Manufacturing-Delta lingerie. Strauss Group-Monitoring and management-product production and Milky achla product. BEZEK-Engineering. Investment Bank. Guri-importing. Elscint Medical Devices The Jewish Agency Zeller Abeligon Financial Services Ministry of the interior Ministry of Housing Netcom Construction of infrastructure for networks Food Club Zag Industries Lahav Management training Coop Food Network Tadiran-Gan Industries Tami Food Products Display Software 1. Organizational discussions, decisions, projects, assignments, tasks, Making. 2. Of Protocol-consistent discussion, decisions, making Sum-summary discussion-track Action tasks execution – Item 3. Public enquiries-respond to public enquiries on Ombudsman 4. A dispatcher-Help-Desk, Call centers, technical support, due to valid service contracts 5. A-Hr-management sheathe personnel, human resource management 6. Marketing CRM-customer relationships, quotes, order tracking and management 7. Warehouses - inventory management-enterprise inventory 8. A visitor-October internal audit organization. Processing-ISO management processes within the Organization 9. processing-ISO management processes within the Organization 10. Face reminders organization 11. Organizational registration-mail and faxes 12. Summon-summons to discussions / meeting rooms 13. Project management, supervision, mastery: projects, assignments, tasks, 14. Budget-manage budget expenses control budget utilization projects, 15. Director-management archive and retrieve documents 16. Complain-complaints-customer serviceDisplay Apps 1) Brain Power * Back Face * the power of the Masses How the individual against the System / Masses Our goal builds a global community. 2). Digital Medicines. 3). Digital Events.Advantage WE TRY harder to be # 1לייקהצג רגשות נוספיםהגבשתףתגובות

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